Saturday, 24 January 2015

Here at last!

Friends have been asking whether I've given up photography as I haven't posted for a good while!  The reason is that apart from pictures of speakers to KPS or Probus for the websites, I've done very little since serious photography since the late autumn. I was determined to go out and take some pictures today, so I went to the old Warmley Station, and to the cycletrack which runs from Bristol to Bath along the route of the old LMS Railway line. Opened in 1835 it used gravity and horses to take coal from the Kingswood mines to Bristol Harbour.  Within a few years it was converted for steam trains. This station opened in about 1869 and connected Bristol to Bath.  It was closed in the late 1960's.

Looking back toward the signal box, this is the original Waitng Room, now a café.
This shows some of the metal sculptures on the platform, and the café.

Outside the Waiting Room/Café
The signalbox, recently renovated


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