Sunday, 29 July 2012

Visit to the Wills Memorial Tower

I went with members of Kingswood PS to tour the Wills Memorial Tower in Bristol, which is part of Bristol University.  To those familiar with Bristol landmarks, this is the tower at the top of Park Street which stands 215 feet (69 Metres) above street level. After taking the lift to the 5th floor, we then climbed 185 steps to the Belfrey in time to insert ear plugs when "Great George" chimed eight. There were a further 120 plus steps to the top of the tower where wonderful views were to be had of Bristol and as far as the Severn Bridges. I didn't go to the top, but stayed on the viewing platform above the Belfry. See the arrow on the Tower picture.

Great George - five and a half tons

The Great Hall

Looking down Park Street

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  1. 185 steps? Ouch, my left knee hurts only of thinking... But Great George worths it - and the sound of it must be amazing! And the view up there looks great too.